14 MAY 2020-the Council of appointment as council member, Kerian District Council for a period of 1 May 2020 until 30 April 2021. Special invites two EXCO of Perak State, YB En Razman B. Zakaria EXCO Chairman of Education, Human Capital Development, NGO and Civil Society and YB Dato Abdul Yunus Jamahri EXCO Chairman of Agriculture, Infrastructure, Energy and Water, together with two assemblymen from DUN Alor Pongsu, YB Dato Sham B. Mat Sahat and YB Mohamad Noor B. Dawoo, Selinsing Adun. Also present was an effort to work Supt. Omar Baktiar Bin Yaacob and En. Norazman Bin Ghazali represented the Member of Parliament for Bagan Serai to witness the Council of appointment as a member of the MDK Council today.

The PRESIDENT congratulates 12 elected members and was appointed as a council member today. The PRESIDENT also reminded the Council's members that they are part of the administrative component of MDK and not merely bringing the people's problems but also need to bring about constructive proposals, especially in enforcement areas, as a key challenge in the implementation of local authorities. In addition, the PRESIDENT reminded the Council members to maintain the image of the Kerian District Council and be cautious when expressing a decision or any other connection on the social site.

The PRESIDENT also recorded Jutaaan thanks to PDRM, especially the Kerian district police chief, who had worked in enforcement during the movement control order since 18 March 2020 until today. A record thanks you also to YB Exco, Adun, and representative of MP Bagan Serai for the event being present.




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