District Administration

Kerian District is divided into eight areas: Parit Buntar, Bagan Tiang, Tanjung Piandang, Kuala Kurau, Bagan Serai, Beriah, Gunong Semanggol and Selinsing. However, it is under the administration of seven (7) Penghulus and 90 Village Development and Security Committees that have been entrusted and are responsible for the administration of 246 villages. The administration centre is in Parit Buntar, with other major towns like Bagan Serai town, Gunong Semanggol and Kuala Kurau. 

This district is known as the Rice Bowl of Perak due to its large areas of paddy fields. Irrigation system has been built to reclaim the areas and to control the water flow into and out of the paddy fields. A few areas suffer from flooding in some seasons. The main economic activity is fishing especially at Sungai Acheh, Bagan Tiang, Tanjung Piandang and Kuala Kurau.

Parit Buntar, Bagan Serai, Kuala Kurau and Tanjung Piandang are the most densely populated areas in Kerian District with Selinsing being the least populated. The population growth rate is 1.4. This district is a popular Malay settlement area of Banjar descendants, in the areas of Bagan Serai, Gunung Semanggol and Alor Pongsu, with their unique culture and lifestyle.


Kerian District Area : 918.83 sq km2
Council District Area : 163.66 sq km2
Operation Area : 124.90 sq km2